No New York Fairytale this time….

New York in her frigid finery - you can't see the cold but believe me it was arctic.

I have spent the last few days working in NYC which normally I love to do – but this time I have been away from home for a week (two work conferences back to back) and my patience is wearing thin…. Long days, lots of clients, lots of meetings, crowded show floors that you need a machete to cut through the crowds  (believe me I considered it quite seriously) many strangers came exceptionally close to death this past few days –  LOL

To add insult to injury the weather was bitter when I arrived –  16 degrees as the high!!!!! WTF??? After living in sunny Florida for the last year and a half that just about stopped my heart as soon as I walked out of La Guardia….

There have been some high points of this trip however – I was fortunate enough to see former President Bill Clinton speak – which was completely awesome and probably the only reason I choose not to bring a machete to the show – I imagine security may have frowned upon that course of action – Mind you I might have gotten seats a little closer to the front….

I also got to flag down many NYC cabs which makes me feel strong and independent as you know if you have read my earlier post on the subject This time I even got to yell at some scam artists outside the convention who I imagine were doing great business convincing all the out of towers and international attendees that they needed town cars to get where they were going…. They tried multiple forms of chicanery & trickery to get me in a town car charging 3 times the price of the taxi price to my hotel and also claimed that they were the only ones that could get a cab for me – fortunately I am no fool and told them to get lost in no uncertain terms  (BTW that is code for profanity) I promptly walked off two steps hailed my own cab, who took me to my hotel for $6 Yay me!!!!

AproPoko - I love you.....

The high point of the show for me (National Retail Federation’s Big Show) was a crazy little robot called ApriPoko from Toshiba – while there I was completely unsure of what its real use was – I just knew I really wanted to take him home –  he talked to me and waved his little flappy wings – I was deeply in love….

On further investigation –  by that I mean a quick search on google –  I discovered this description

“ApriPoko will detect any remote connections via InfraRed (IR) and ask you, what should he (ApriPoko) do. If you have a robot like this, your hands should not feel sore anymore because most of the punch buttons to change channels on TV when the advertisement”

Now I really want him – who needs to deal with sore hands from your remote???? that is so 2011….. ApriPoko will save me from this daily ordeal >8)

coolest gloves evah!

Another great find were these gloves – completely necessary since I had a walking tour of innovative retail in NYC in 16 degrees – if I had have fallen over I would have shattered like the T1000 in Terminator…. But gloves  normally cramp my techy style right? These ones rock because they have some sort of conductive quality that mean I can use my iPhone, iPad, any touchscreen without removing said gloves and getting frostbite – a complete must in pretty much any place other than Florida – so once I go home they will reside in a special container till the next time I have to travel to a stupidly cold place….

I got mine in fire engine red at Macys – love you Macy’s  – you saved my digits and my tech obsession on this trip >8)

4 thoughts on “No New York Fairytale this time….

  1. I feel you on those bitterly cold New York days when you’re just NOT FEELING IT. Like the vibe is just not doing it for you for whatever reason.

    I saw Bill Clinton speak once and I was in high school so I was up at the front with some other scholarly kids and he made eye contact with me. And I almost choked. I was madly in love with that man. So jealous you heard him!

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