Ice Cube Art

My Ice will go on.....

To go along with my skull fascination I also seem to have quite the collection of ice cube trays. Apparently I can’t resist clever ice. I have several of the ones pictured here and here and have given many of them as gifts. They never fail to raise a smile – well almost never…

I am still trying to get the fantastic Han Solo ones in Carbonite – but they keep selling out….

I may have to indulge in these little skull ones soon – to add to my collection

But my all time favorite are my Gin & Titonic  – I think they are fantastic – little Icebergs and a listing ship in your cocktail.

This, however, was the exception that proves the rule – my mother was horrified when she saw them – no smiling whatsoever

100 years later –  still too soon?


4 thoughts on “Ice Cube Art

  1. Shelley, these are amazing. Have you tried the ice straws pictured on the site you linked to? I guess they’re not the most exciting of the bunch, but if they actually work, I bet they’re really refreshing. I know you don’t get super hot days in Seattle, but in Alabama in July, one of those would be SWEET.

    You are totally right– these would make amazing presents. Thanks for solving that problem for me!

    • I have not tried the ice straws yet – but since moving to Florida a year ago I can’t imagine why not – they do look refreshing and it gets stupid hot here LOL
      Something I have tried and loved for outdoor summer parties however is taking a big 2 liter soda bottle and cutting the top off then putting a bottle of your favorite adult beverage (in my case vodka) inside it. Fill the space between the vodka bottle and soda bottle with slices of fruit lemons limes oranges or whatever and water. Put the whole thing in the freezer and what you get is a bottle of vodka encased in ice (after you remove the plastic bottle of course). Keeps your cocktails cold as your pour during the BBQ and looks pretty good too >8)

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