Nesting with my nest

my nest

As you are probably aware if you read my blog – I am a bit of a tech geek –  kinda comes with the territory – designers generally can’t help themselves….

I just got my latest gadget installed and I am so happy with it it is sickening. I had been watching Nest with interest waiting for it’s impending release for a while – then a friend got on the list and offered to get one for me – how could I refuse?? (Enabler – you know who you are!)


I was so excited when it arrived I refused to let anybody touch it till I could document the unboxing  (I did mention the tech geek part, right? Don’t judge me!)

the box

However life got busy and it languished for a week – I could claim I was testing my will power but that would be a lie – Finally this past weekend we installed it and my family got to laugh at me for being so excited about a thermostat…

As expected from an ex Apple person the packaging and overall experience was lovely – Simple box with a bright blue interior on the sleeve and a nice recycled box.




tiny screwdriver how I love thee....

The documentation was clean and not intimidating and best of all it came with a tiny cute screwdriver with different types of heads in the handle – Yum!

Installation was not completely without a hitch however, as it turned out I couldn’t identify one of the wires and for one awful moment I thought it was not compatible with our system! One phone call and and a photo I emailed support from my phone cleared that right up and we were able to proceed – kudos to the support team at nest.


Once connected and the power switched back on, the set up was smart and simple – it connects to your home network and monitors local weather, learns your preferences and saves you money by showing you the leaf when you are being smart about your energy consumption.

I can adjust it from my phone or laptop and it knows when I am not home so automatically sets the temp accordingly. Glows blue when cooling and red when heating and although it is a little odd to think that my thermostat is watching me like HAL, smart technology that is easy to use just makes me happy inside 🙂

If it saves me a ton of cash to spend on Grey Goose Slushies that would just be a bonus!


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