Me – sporting my new specs. The hope is they make me look smarter

Who am I and why should anyone care what I think? Good question when I figure that out I will blog about it >8)

I have been a designer for what seems like forever – can’t imagine doing anything else – well no that’s not true I can easily imagine being an independently wealthy, international jet setter – however no one is willing to pay me for that….. My back up plan has been this whole design thing which has worked out pretty well if I do say so myself. If you are really interested here is the link to my professional website which is of course under construction and probably always will be since I do work for a living.

This blog is not going to be all about design but it will likely be a recurring theme along with other random thoughts that cross my mind – no one ever accused me of having no opinions. But I am just as likely to discuss how to survive a zombie apocalypse, my latest shopping trip or the fact that the dogs barfed on the rug (which is a shame since it really tied the room together…)

I am married to a fantastic man that I love to death and feel lucky to have found and between the two of us we have two boys 20 and 17 – they are great kids – never been arrested so I chalk that up to excellent parenting skills!

We have five (yes 5 – don’t judge me) small dogs which are the source of much amusement and a lot of hair on the furniture and I also have a beautiful horse who I don’t spend enough time with right now – I am sure the blogging will really help with that….

Although originally from Northern Ireland, I lived in Seattle for about 20 years  – a whole country to choose from and I end up in the rainy Pacific Northwest! – go figure! Seattle was a great place to live – just wet and getting colder every year

We just completed a lengthy and stressful relocation across the country from Seattle to Florida. As you might imagine that is a bit of a culture shock although believe me the weather does not suck

From Oct to about May I am prone to much giggling and smug laughter as I monitor the crappy weather that everyone else is dealing with while I am loving the wall to wall sunshine. People who claim that they couldn’t live anywhere that didn’t have seasons are delusional – seasons are highly over rated –  I don’t miss the cold and rain at all! This is of course due to the fact that I have been rained on for most of my life so by now I am thoroughly over it.

Anyway if you do manage to stumble across this blog I hope you enjoy it – if not, at least I know my mother will have something to read – or would if she knew how to turn on a computer.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Shelly- I did stumble upon you (from Eggton) and enjoy reading your posts and I’m not your mother. But I know how you feel. My #1 commenter is my Dad, god love em!
    I grew up in Florida and moved to Seattle for 18 years (actually mostly Orcas Island). Now I’m in Hamburg, Germany. Despite my skin appreciating the 20 year reprieve from sun, I have been fantasizing about Miami or Key West, as it’s like 16 degrees here right now. (And that’s F not celcius… burr). I’m ready to go full circle. Happy blogging. wendy

    • Hi Wendy
      Thanks for stopping by >8) Orcas Island is a very lovely place. I visited it many times – any excuse to take the the ferry!
      I haven’t been to Germany in probably more than 20 years – never Hamburg though, I was in the Black Forest area, near Freiburg – probably due to my appreciation of the cake of the same name LOL Perhaps you should make some Black Forest cupcakes to go with the collection
      16 degrees is all kinds of wrong so I hope you stay bundled up till you can visit the sunshine again

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