Ninth anniversary – already?

9th Anniversary Gift - Pottery

9th Anniversary Gift – Pottery

So today Eric and I have been married for 9 years  – it kinda crept up on us – we are incredulous that it has really been that long – seems like only yesterday as they say 🙂

When I started thinking about a gift, I was sort of at a loss – we just bought our dream house this year and honestly I couldn’t think of a single thing either of us really “needed” We are just loving being here and making it our own and there is no romance in buying each other light fixtures, faucets or fencing LOL

So naturally I turned to the interwebs and discovered that year nine is traditionally pottery or leather – WTF??? Thats no help! Here’s a coffee mug, honey and a nice leather belt…..meh!

I scoured the web for something better but seeing nothing that was just right I decided to make my own.

I saw a nice idea of someone marking the place you met on the map on a piece of clay and that sparked an idea so I headed to my local Michael’s to get some air dry clay. I also picked up a nice black keepsake box, a set of basic clay cutting tools and some metal heart shaped pins. Once home I closeted myself in my office and printed off some maps

Clay country

Clay country

I rolled out the clay and using an outline of the country I printed out, I cut the clay into shape – using a clay embossing tool I impressed the shape of a heart close to Seattle – where we met and married. Then using a little text imprinting tool in the set I put our names and location into the clay.

Next I printed out a map of the whole country and pinned both Seattle and Central Florida using the little metal heart pins – showing where we met and married and then how far we have come to where we are living now. This whole thing I glued to the bottom of the box to use a s a backdrop to the clay keepsake (once it finished drying of course).

We've come a long way in 9 years

We’ve come a long way in 9 years

Finally I printed and cut out a map of both Washington and Florida. Using a nice typewriter font I printed out the words

We met,
We married
We lived happily ever after….

All of that I glued to the inside of the box lid.  All in all I was really happy with how it turned out and Eric really liked it – lets face it – it was much better than a mug LOL

Happy Anniversary to us – here’s to the next 49 🙂