Powder room makeover

Too late to turn back now....

Too late to turn back now….

The powder room in our new house is not that special – it is the usual small room with a toilet and a sink – it is a nice pedestal sink, but other than that it is pretty unremarkable.  When we moved in, I did the bare minimum – I hung a black framed mirror over the sink and ignored it in favor of all the other things that needed doing.

This weekend, however I decided I was sick looking at the tired paint and before the holidays are upon us and guests are using it more often, I wanted to spruce it up at least a little….

I wanted to go bold so I pulled out some “Cracked Pepper” paint and decided to throw caution to the wind. As the name implies, this is a deep charcoal, almost black, so it took a couple coats to cover, but I was totally delighted to be eradicating the old, boring greenish beige. I got a few raised eyebrows from both my husband and mom when I told them I was painting a small, windowless room black, but they are used to me by now so kept the comments to a minimum LOL

2 coats later

2 coats later

Anyone who has ever painted around a sink and toilet knows it is cramped and unpleasant to crawl around and get into all the nooks and crannies – it always takes longer than you think but once done, I was actually tempted to leave it alone – it was pretty striking against the white porcelain and rich wood trim….

brief moment of hesitation

brief moment of hesitation

But to hell with that –  in for a penny, in for a pound!  I said I wanted bold, so out came the Gingko leaf stencil I had stashed waiting for the right opportunity. I hesitated for a moment – would this be too big and graphic in such a small space? Should I just go with a subtle gunmetal metallic grey? Nah! Silver would be way more glamtastic LOL

Glamtastic - I love it!

Glamtastic – I love it!

Besides its paint – easy to fix if you hate it …

Mirror back up

Mirror back up

Once done, I put the mirror back up and stood back to take it in. Despite needing some touch up where paint got under the stencil – I am really happy with the result. It is bold and graphic with a bit of an eastern vibe –  not a color combo for the faint of heart, for sure – but it makes a small boring room into more of an elegant statement  – even my husband liked it!

Touched up and final powder room

Touched up and final powder room

Design and decorating should be fun – take a chance – go bold 🙂


4 thoughts on “Powder room makeover

  1. Damn you’re good. This looks brilliant but you make it look easy…The painting part isn’t so hard but the flare and inspiration don’t just spill out like that in everyone. You are very talented.
    x wendy

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