That new car smell

My new "Denim Blue" Baby

My new “Denim Blue” Baby

Although my VW bug was 10 years old I wasn’t planning on getting rid of it just yet – didn’t want a car payment and I loved my car so why make a change???

Just last year I put all new tires and a battery into it but things changed quite quickly recently.  A couple weeks ago the back window cable snapped so I decided to take into the shop for repairs and a tune up. I figured I could invest in some fixes and drive it for years to come. That all came crashing down when slowly but surely the fixes started adding up and then the the words “new transmission” dropped and I realized we had probably reached the point of diminishing returns.

I was heartbroken – I loved that car!!!  The silver lining is that I found a great mechanic –  ethical enough to not let me sink a bunch of money into it (money I had already agreed to pay him) when he discovered the transmission problem that was likely going to bite me in the butt in a few months time.

Styling color matched dash and two tone seats

Styling color matched dash and two tone seats

Now that we live out in the country, my 5 minute commute is more like 45 – 60 minutes each way and I need a reliable care with good gas milage –  so we decided that after 10 years it was time I got a new car – yay! As it happened Volkswagen had one of those zero down, zero percent financing deals so it seemed like the stars were in alignment – the upshot being I got a shiny new Beetle and I am pleased as punch 🙂

I got the hard top this time since, in Florida, the convertible actually was not that useful – way too hot, afternoon thunderstorms, lots of birds, snakes and lizards wanting to camp out LOL. I picked the Denim Blue which I thought was a fun, contemporary color and as an accent in the interior it felt sporty and retro cool

I was not sure I was going to like the new flatter shape since I really love the iconic old bug but once I took a look in person I really liked it  –  the extra width and length make the interior space feel much roomier.  I have a decent sized trunk now, the back seat is still reasonable for a small car and my visibility is much improved over the soft top I used to have with its huge blind spots.

I love the styling of the interior – nice two tone leatherette bucket seats and the dash area has a lot of personality with the color matched accents and retro, leather wrapped steering wheel. Although it is, sadly, missing a bud vase, the new moment of delight is the ambient interior lighting around the speakers and along the doors – you can choose to have no light (if you are completely boring and vanilla is your favorite ice cream flavor) or have a white, blue or red glow – I went with blue.  It’s one of those touches that doesn’t make the car go any faster or improve the gas mileage, but puts a smile on my face 🙂 The retro handle detail on one of the interior compartments is another nice touch.

Official VW accessory to the rescue

Official VW accessory to the rescue

I didn’t trick it out with all the bells and whistles – not really my style for a car – but I am happy to have bluetooth – my iPhone is paired with it so I can have handsfree phone calls, the radio cuts out when the phone rings and it took no more than a minute to set up, I have a more updated radio that I can plug a midi cable into for streaming my music – not groundbreaking I know but remember my old car was 10 years old and still had a tape deck LOL.

easy to install peel and stick

easy to install peel and stick

The dashboard controls are nicely laid out and I like having the ability to display how many miles I have before empty – one of the few things on my husband’s car that I envied.

Normality has been restored :)

Normality has been restored 🙂

All in all the car rides super smooth, is much peppier than my old one, with great pick up and even better needs no maintenance. I think the daily commute is going to be more fun from now on and believe me I have already found a solution to the lack of bud vase problem thanks to Amazon – all is as it should be 🙂