Easy projects with big impact

ottoman recovered

ottoman recovered

So given that I have been derailed by the grand chicken coop caper, I thought I would just post a couple smaller projects that I was really happy with.

First of all my entire palette for the new house was dictated by a fancy fabric I fell in love with even though it took 4 months to arrive.  I just decorated around the missing fabric till it showed up. Thankfully it looked the same when it did arrive.

I had bought a giant ottoman to use a a coffee table that I got a screaming deal on because the fabric was so unbelievably ugly.  I had just tossed a throw over it when we moved in so I didn’t have to look at it  – so the very first thing I did when the fabric arrived was recover that bad boy.

Honestly, a staple gun and an hour is all it took. Trickier was the nail head trim that I picked up at a fabric store. It comes all attached in one long piece so you don’t have to nail in individual nails. Supposedly that makes it easier to keep a level line – it was not that easy and I almost regretted using it but as long as you are not looking with a magnifying glass it is fine – I think I am just overly picky…

The good news is I love the ottoman now that it is recovered and with all the wood in my house and the leather couch the last thing I wanted was a wood coffee table – too much brown – this is much lighter and brighter and took very little time to do.



Once that was out of the way, I made a couple throw pillows for the couch and I plan to make some for the breakfast area too – but as I mentioned I got derailed by chickens LOL so I will have to get back to that another day

Another really easy project was for my windows – the master bedroom has lovely french doors that lead out to the pool area, which I love,  but the fact is, I am not the most tidy human in the world and don’t always make the bed and my husband has a tendency to leave clothes all over the floor. This would not be an issue if your bedroom is upstairs but when the pool guy or house guests are wandering around in back and can see right in to how messy you really are it is not so great.  I like to maintain the illusion that I have everything under control LOL

Because of this and the fact that I am too lazy to tidy up every morning before work, I ended up leaving the blinds closed a  lot which made it pretty dark in the bedroom during the day – this was just not working for me… Surely there was a better solution.

french doors finally private

french doors finally private

I did a quick search on Amazon and found this great window privacy film that looked like a pattern of bamboo etched on the glass. It was pretty inexpensive, came on a roll and used no adhesive so I wasn’t worried about ruining the windows or not being able to remove it if I didn’t like it

You literally cut to size –  spray water on the window – lay the film on top – spray some more water and use a squeegee to get rid of the bubbles. Thats it! No really – thats it!



It worked amazingly well  – now I have plenty of light but no one can see the underwear on the floor LOL

If I change my mind in future,  I just peel it off and no residue is left behind

I love it when things work so well for so little effort or cost

Close up of film

Close up of film

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