Epcot Food & Wine Festival

Cranberry Bog

Cranberry Bog

Although we have been living here for a couple years now we didn’t get around to the food & wine festival till this year. It has been running for something like 17 years and is a fun opportunity to taste different foods in small portions while wandering around in the sunshine.

Mom is visiting from Ireland this month, the weather is glorious so we decided it was the perfect time to eat and drink our way around the world. Epcot is a fun park – not a lot of thrill rides but when you are eating and drinking every couple steps that is probably a good thing!

Mom and Jon Spaceship Earth

Mom and Jon Spaceship Earth










We started out on Spaceship Earth which is an animatronic trip through history – much more fun than it sounds believe me – narrated by Judi Dench there is a fun little animation created for you at the end that you can send to your email afterwards – naturally we made sure Granny Anna was in a starring role.

After we picked up our festival passports that you get stamped at every stop along the way, we headed to the coke tasting area – they have all sorts of sodas from international markets to try – the one from Israel is my fav – my teen likes the watermelon one from China – the tasting is free and always a big hit when we go.

Since we had five people in our group we decided to stop at as many places as possible and share so we could try as many different things as possible – each stop from a different country has several items all between $3 – 8 so we got a couple things and all had a bite or two

Silly hat time

Silly hat time

I think my favorite was probably the lamb dish from Australia although mostly everyone else seemed to prefer the pork dish from Mexico. Of course we did the cheesy Three Cabelleros ride and tried on sombreros – wouldn’t you? LOL

Family fun in the sun

Family fun in the sun

As is tradition when we go to Epcot – I always go to France for a Grey Goose Slushie – Yum – makes fighting through the tourists so much better. We also got to try escargot for the first time – yummy garlicky snails – even my teen tried them!

Eric played in the dancing water fountain area, inspiring lots of kids to get soaking wet – I am sure the parents were delighted

yum - bite sized dessert trio

yum – bite sized dessert trio

We ended the day with some great desserts and champagne before heading home – full and happy even though we did not manage to eat at every stop.


4 thoughts on “Epcot Food & Wine Festival

  1. How fun. Haven’t been to Epcot in a gazillion years. Did I tell you before my stepdad worked at Disney and we were in all the parks a lot growing up…back to the E ticket days. At 21, it was Pleasure Island revolving floor discos and Madonna. Good times.
    Even back then though I loved all the worldly food choices at Epcot. I didn’t travel out of the USA (except the caribbean) till I was 30 years old. x wendy

  2. OH my goodness! I saw that bog on TV! Did it have something to do with Ocean Spray? I love cranberries, they are beautiful just floating around like that! Jealous! nerdwithtaste.wordpress.com

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