DC round 2 – with palatial upgrade


After my last trip to DC was cut short due to hurricane Sandy – the meeting was rescheduled and I did a quick overnight trip recently

It was one of those frustrating travel experiences – overbooked flight – many screaming babies – forced to check my tiny bag – barely enough room for pajamas and a toothbrush but I was in zone 4 so I was SOL by the time I got on. Of course this adds about 30 minutes to your trip since you have to hit the baggage carousel. I travel so much that I never check bags – I generally have work travel down to a fine art like George Clooney in “Up in the Air” On top of that I got a crappy cab driver who wouldn’t take credit cards so had to switch to one that would – all in all nothing was going my way…

By the time I got to the hotel I was in a foul mood. However, I guess I hit a sweet spot in my Hilton Honors points and the desk told me they were going to upgrade me to a suite and give me free wifi. I said thanks so much and expected to get a couch and a coffee table in addition to the usual bed – no big deal

I took the elevator up and had to use my key card to access the executive level – maybe a little nicer than I thought? Perhaps a couch and a chair?

I found my suite – The Harry Truman Suite – cute – political references in DC 🙂 Then the door swung open and my jaw hit the floor – sprawling out ahead of me was a hallway alone bigger than my usual hotel room!

Harry Truman Suite

Harry Truman Suite

Letting the door swing shut behind me I explored – not only did I have a separate master suite, but a had a living room, conference room that seated 12, a second bathroom, and a grand piano!!!! This place was bigger than the house I am renting right now.

My conference room

My conference room

Naturally I phoned home immediatley to tell them how the other half lived and bemoan the fact we didn’t get that upgrade last time LOL



I high tailed it down to the exec lounge for as many complimentary hors d’oeuvres as possible before they realized their mistake. I then took a shower lounged in every room in my fluffy robe and played chopsticks on the piano – which by the way was played by Harry Truman when he entertained people in that suite!

I guess I need an entourage next time LOL


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