Simple Wins

Unsurprisingly, trying to change your life is not as easy as flicking a switch – deciding to simplify is one thing – doing it is altogether another.

Last weekend, tropical storm Debby dumped rain on us incessantly which should have made it the perfect time to start decluttering and getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff just like I planned – but my best intentions hit a roadblock when I tried tackling my shoe collection…..

One of my objects of desire – Shoe Rehab time?

I love shoes! I have way too many of them – they fill most of an entire closet and yet I keep getting more. Different colors, different heights, Seattle shoes, Florida shoes, casual shoes, dressy shoes, serious shoes, fun shoes….. There always seems to be a reason to buy more – these ones are on sale… I am actually saving money… it would be silly not to get them… they go with the new purse or that one dress…I don’t have that color yet ….I do have that color, but not in a wedge….


I am ruthless when it comes to purging and getting rid of stuff most of the time – I am a firm believer in the idea that if you haven’t looked at something or used it in a year – then you won’t miss it if you get rid of it!  But, I live in a family of pack rats (myself included) and we have accumulated a lot of stuff that I would prefer not to move to another house –  no more moving unopened boxes to take up space in another garage!

I had hoped to lead by example and pare down my obsessive shoe collection. Why then, garbage bag in hand, did I become completely paralyzed when faced with getting rid of shoes that I rarely, if ever wear?

Three or four times over the course of that rainy Saturday, I opened up the closet and stared at the shoes before wandering off to clean out a drawer or some pile of papers on my desk instead. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Strengthening my resolve, I pulled out a pair that I know I have not worn in over a year –  but I ended up trying them on instead of tossing them in the bag…. Hanging my head in shame, I put them back on the shelf, closed the door again and walked away.

My husband kept telling me I didn’t have to get rid of them – I should keep them or box them up in case I wanted to wear them later – but this was not going to help my effort to declutter. What about simplifying my life? Where was my willpower?

It took a couple days of berating myself before I managed to put it in proper perspective.

At the same time, I had been researching new cars  – gearing myself up for this major purchase.  I have driven my current car for 8 or more years and it was definitely time to get a new one. I planned to save the environment and buy a new Nissan Leaf – completely electric – no gas –  totally green. I researched the charging station locations and distances this snazzy new car could travel. Couldn’t wait to download the app for my iphone to monitor and control my new shiny toy – I absolutley deserved this and it was a such a smart decision, right?

Wrong! I took a moment to think about what this purchase would really mean. Did I need it or just want it? How many hours of my life would be spent working to pay for it? Would it increase my quality of life? Granted, my current car is 8 years old – but it has next to no miles on it because I have either worked from home or close to my place of work for many years on purpose.  And, I absolutely love my car – it is a VW Beetle convertible and it makes me happy to drive it – it is reliable and gets me where I need to go – it has a bud vase on the dash that makes me irrationally happy. There is a little silk flower topped pen in it that my son made me years ago that spins when the air is on. On top of that, the car has no giant monthly loan payment – What on earth was I thinking?

Simple pleasure of driving with the top down – Baby you can drive my car and baby I love you….

Yes, I have too many shoes – I really do enjoy my retail therapy – but being mindful of my goals to simplify my life, work less someday and buy a horse property in the near future –  I managed to talk myself out of that unnecessary  $35,000 of new car debt

GO ME!!!! Way to make smarter, more conscious decisions – time to celebrate the small victories and not beat myself up too much about the stumbles along the way.

Besides, I absolutley will tackle and master that shoe closet …. just not today 😉


2 thoughts on “Simple Wins

  1. Well I can’t imagine much cross over between the Seattle and Florida shoes. I think you need a discriminant girlfriend for an afternoon to help you with that. And until then, definitely pat yourself on the back for not buying a new car- eco friendly doesn’t mean cheap!

    • Thanks Wendy – I have since managed to put a few pairs in a bag – but as yet the bag has not made it out of the house – I am pondering my decision for a while before doing anything permanent LOL

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