Fork & Screen

Downtown Disney’s Fork & Dine

Recently, I discovered that the Downtown Disney AMC had dine in theaters  There are only a handful of them across the country and I had been wanting to try it out and see if the experience was too distracting.

Avengers was opening that weekend and since I wasn’t holding out much hope that the movie would be any good at all I figured this would be a great test case. At least we would have cocktails to mask the pain…

You have to buy your tickets in advance and choose your seating which is really perfect, since you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the front row or waiting in long lines to get a decent seat.

The theaters are quite small only about 150 seats and have a pretty steep decline, keeping your sight lines unobstructed despite how tall the people in front of you might be.

Loving those recliners

The seats are big, comfy recliners – a huge hit with my guys…. and there is a shelf like table in front of each row with muted lighting and little red buttons to summon a server.

Full menu

They have a full menu of fairly decent, bar style food. Appetizers like Parmesan Fires and Onion Rings, Crab Dip were a few of the ones we sampled. Our teenager ordered a burger and fries with a coke and we got a few cocktails for the adults. You can, of course, order popcorn and candy just like a regular theater but we wanted to try something a little different.

Once the movie began the lights dimmed even more and it was frankly a little hard to see what we were eating. I would recommend simple finger food unless you plan to eat your meal during the trailers before the main attraction begins.


The magic button

I had expected ordering during the movie might be tough – having people take orders and deliver food in the middle of the action should be intrusive, right? But honestly the servers were quietly efficient – dressed in black –  they really didn’t spoil our enjoyment at all. We got another round of cocktails and a slice of cheesecake for our teenager in the middle of the show and it was pretty smooth. Of course we were watching an action flick – I might have felt differently if I were watching a tense nail biter or emotional drama….

Big screen with cocktails…



All in all it was a positive experience – everyone had a good time and surprisingly the movie was much better than expected Joss Whedon’s writing made even Thor slightly amusing which I would never have believed possible  🙂