Lake Eola Farmer’s Market

Lake Eola Farmer's market

This weekend, we were supposed to have a big grey, wet, stormy time but it really never materialized. We had made no plans because we were expecting all this unrelenting rain – so on Sat we went to the movies and saw Cabin in the Woods – which was great, if you like black comedy and horror movies and we certainly do so that was a big winner – go see it!

Sunday morning we were moving slow and trying to figure out what to do – still expecting the rain to ruin anything outdoors  –  we took the chance that the weather would hold and headed to Lake Eola – a smart decision since it has been sunny & beautiful all day with no sign of any rain.

Although we have been to Lake Eola, in downtown Orlando, before and loved it – we had yet to make it to the Farmer’s Market. It’s on every Sunday from 10 – 4pm and there is live music from noon on  –  we decided that was just about our speed today.

Black swan family with cygnet

The lake is very pretty – nice fountain in the center – swan paddle boats for the romantically inclined, an art deco style band shell and a ton of real swans, turtles, ducks, geese etc wandering around. It is very dog friendly so you see lots of people out with Fido and there are several nice outdoor restaurants to choose from. Next time I will have to bring a couple of our dogs…

I have to confess being from Seattle and being used to Pike Place Market  – my idea of a farmers market is probably outlandish by the rest of the country’s standards – nothing can really compare to that! However, Orlando has a ton of small local markets that are a very pleasant way to spend a couple hours on the weekend.

turtle sunning himself

Today, I was able to stock up on some of my favorite “hippy” Indian incense (normally have to head out to Melbourne Beach for that) and they had some very well priced orchids that I did not score today because I didn’t want to carry them around –  left it too late and the one I wanted was gone – too bad, so sad – next time!

We had some great spinach and cheese empanadas, Jamacian pork kabobs and the cinnamon glazed pecans were to die for…




New hairstick with real orchids ....

There was a vendor I have seen in a few places before that takes live orchid flowers and coats them in resin to create floral jewelry, like necklaces and earrings – today I treated myself to a pretty orchid hair stick. Now that my hair is so long again I am always looking for different ways to put it up.  This purchase makes me feel happy & tropical and it fits well with my orchid obsession.




I love this - I need a frothy cocktail STAT

The live music today was really good, I was surprised to hear “That’s Entertainment” by The Jam which is a blast from the past for me, since I wore that record out back in the day of my misspent youth. My teenager was, of course, less than impressed with my account of how I listened to that all the time when I was his age…..whatever I refuse to feel ancient on such a beautiful day LOL

Gator tail - yummy!

We walked around the lake and stopped off at 310 Lake side for some cocktails and pan-fried gator tail in mustard sauce  – yum!

All in all a lovely way to spend a sunny (not stormy) afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Lake Eola Farmer’s Market

  1. Lake Eola… Melbourne… wow… memory blasts.
    Sounds like a good weekend with interesting food. Nice hair piece and color- on both. I’m just letting my hair grow again and its in that horrible awkward phase when it isn’t quite long enough to get back and looks a little funny all down.
    What instigated your move from Seattle to Florida? And how are you liking it now… it’s been a year? wt

    • Hi Wendy – naming all your old haunts am I? It was a lovely day with the family >8) Setting record chills today though 48 degrees overnight – although it will be in the 70’s later – time to drag out a sweater LOL

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