Flower filled weekend

New Cattleya

With all the work traveling I have been doing lately I think I was due a stay at home sort of weekend – so although we planned to go to the beach or a theme park,  instead we ended up being homebodies and messing around in the garden all weekend.

Saturday, I went to a local Orchid Show with a friend and of course came back with a couple new plants to add to my collection LOL  I got a lovely yellow green Cattleya and another one (whose name escapes me right now) that is about to bloom and is completely new to me with deep raspberry colored flowers and an odd bulbous base.

I took about a million photos of some of the prize winners on display at the show, but unfortunately most of those were either not for sale or too expensive for me – a very small version of one awesome stripey one was listed at $100 – way too rich for my blood  – I maybe obsessed, but I am not crazy!

Meewon's first orchid

Meewon bought her very first orchid (muahahahahah – evil laugh – welcome to my obsession >8) a lovely yellow Phalaenopsis which is probably where most people start – easy to care for and so very pretty.






I also picked up a fun plant stand made out of a PVC pipe from a local vendor. It has a solar powered light on top and notches cut into it so you can hold 5 little 6 inch terracotta pots staggered around the pipe – it’s on castors so I can move it around the pool deck to my hearts desire.

Funky plant stand

Originally I thought it would be perfect for Eric, who needs a place to put his growing herb garden but it was really crying out for flowers, so instead we hit a great local nursery about 15 minutes away, the next day and picked some up. I ordered Eric a 5 shelf plant rack for his herbs instead.

Jonathon had been wanting a cactus, so we picked up a couple of those too and he started a cacti garden in a shallow pot on the pool deck. He managed not to damage himself while replanting thanks to some heavy duty gloves and used some compressed air to clean off the dirt from the spikes  – he plans to add a couple rocks to complete his miniature arid landscape.

President Hibiscus

I found a beautiful bright red hibiscus at Lowes for only $15 – which was a complete steal if you ask me! It is apparently a President Hibiscus and has flowers the size of my hand – something I could never have dreamed of growing before moving here and makes me happy just to look at it!






I could not resist this Stargazer lily either, which is pretty much the best smelling flower of all time!  Back in Washington it was a special occasion, cut flower that I would buy and put in a vase – not something I could actually grow…

Stargazer Lily - nothing smells better...

Everything grows here – it makes gardening way more fun – annuals practically become perennials – even impatience last forever – we even have a Bird of Paradise plant in the yard! We planted our Christmas Poinsettia and it is growing like a weed. We have a tomato plant that is over a year old and still producing fruit… Although we are in a pitched battle with our ninja squirrels to see who can get to them first! Basically we get to eat whatever they leave behind…

Last year I got some Jasmine and Gardenias (which are a really close contender for the best smelling flower of all time) which we planted in big blue pots. (Frankly all our plants are in pots since this is a rental and I want to take my garden with me when we go) I had a tough time with them last year since they got infested by bugs and all the buds dropped before flowering – which was just heartbreaking 😦

Gardenias - also smell beyond fantastic...

This year, however, they are going nuts  – a million buds and now beautiful white flowers that smell completely amazing! So after repotting all our new plants this weekend (we are swiftly running out of space – believe me!) we got to sit out by the pool while I wrote this, surrounded by our lazy puppies  and with the heady scent of gardenias and stargazer lilies filling the air – perfect!

Much better than the usual stinky dog poop smell which is what we normally deal with since we have four dogs in a hot humid climate – occupational hazard I guess.



Even Coco approved – although this angel face puppy thinks that her poop smells like gardenias all the time. So says the Princess Puppy – best not to argue with her really…

Angelic Coco


2 thoughts on “Flower filled weekend

  1. Wow… you are actually making me miss Florida.
    Didn’t sound like you really did a lot of hanging out per se but buying and planting new flowers is fun and relaxing- def better than a theme park!
    Lounging around the pool sounds good… minus the poo- (and fleas)-
    And that Stargazer- Wow. And I love gardenias.
    We head to Atlanta to visit my mom for a week on Wed. Looking forward to some blossoms and heat!

    • LOL – come for a visit and I will show you my flowers >8)
      Have fun in Atlanta – I go there for work quite a bit – mainly Duluth and Alpharetta not so much the downtown metro area – I do love the aquarium there though

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