It’s a frothy drink kinda day!

Ultimate beach drink!

I have been traveling so much for work lately and getting sick every time I get off the plane that I haven’t been blogging as often as I mean to.  Basically, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired right now – which is way too boring to write about.

However the good news is I am planning on a few days off soon at the beach with my husband and as soon as we get the chance I am ordering a frothy drink with fruit, and flowers served in something silly like this little number from Coconuts at Cocoa Beach.

It is a truly foolish beverage – I know it screams tourist – but nothing puts you in the right vacation frame of mind like this – this is what I am dreaming of while counting down the days till I get to chillax.

After my foolish cocktail I am going to lay in the sun – just like Sunny likes to do. Nobody knows how to relax like a lazy dog and Sunny is the chillaxin king. He has relaxation down to a fine art and I think we could all learn a thing or two from him.

it's a dog's life

He also likes to watching TV from the couch

Don't touch that remote

We are going to head over to Sanibel Beach – apparently it is a world class shelling beach and I need to add to my new collection – perhaps I will find a conch shell big enough to use for my foolish cocktail – who knows?

Here’s to frothy drinks and being lazy dogs every once in a while….


4 thoughts on “It’s a frothy drink kinda day!

  1. Sanibel brings back memories. Practically the caribbean but closer… used to be lots of sand dollars. Drink many fruity frothy drinks. Enjoy. And pack some Emergen-C’s for your next plane travel.
    Have fun and take pics! wt

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