My fridge clearly hates me!

Little something I whipped up in the kitchen today

We are in a rental house at the moment due to moving from one end of the country to the other and although it is a very nice rental, with great landlords, there are a few things that drive me crazy…

Some of it is just my anal retentive, designer ways – usually the first thing I do when I buy a place is install hardware on all the cabinets – I hate not having handles and drawer pulls it is just not ok!  And I have a shockingly strong urge to put a tile backsplash in the kitchen – but this is not my house, so I resist.

The biggest thing is, of course, that these are not my kitchen appliances – I don’t care for the stove or the dishwasher, but they work reasonably well so I put on my big girl panties and deal….

Recently however the fridge has become possessed – sometimes when you want a couple cubes of ice it decides you really should have 17 – or maybe none at all. It is a little like roulette – you never know just what you will land on.

At one point, I put big strips of blue tape across the ice maker to prevent me from accidentally unleashing an avalanche – but after cleaning it all out I thought it was back to normal….till today

I came home a little early to take my last couple conference calls from home and casually stuck my glass under the dispenser 15 minutes before my call was due to start. At which point 30 or 40 ice cubes came crashing out of the dispenser and all over the floor – much to the delight of my dogs who think they are frozen treats.

Of course, it didn’t stop there – it was the gift that kept on giving – I opened the door and stopped it, but then as soon as I closed the door – it started up again and another 50 or 60 cubes came out – it was endless…. In the space of 5 minutes I was up to my ankles in melting ice cubes and a teenager who could barely stand up from laughing so hard.

I yelled at it, called it many colorful names and finally it ground to a halt. The next 10 minutes were spent shoveling up ice off the floor and mopping up the new lake in my kitchen.

I think it is pouting & scheming now – it makes groaning, grumpy noises and the lights look a little sulkier than usual. I am sure it is just waiting till the middle of the night when I am in a deep sleep, before catapulting ice cubes across the kitchen and causing more mayhem and potentially inducing a heart attack

I am naming it Christine – seems to fit.


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