Dead animals in dresses

The Bloggess' Juanita in a dress

I would like to blame The Bloggess for this but in reality it is not her fault entirely….

She keeps posting pictures of taxidermied animals she buys, which is pretty damn funny, but then she put the latest one in a dress  – Juanita the weasel in a frock – distressed about her soufflé skills and I just about snorted soda down my nose……

Suddenly I can think of a million uses for a Juanita of my own – however considering I have four dogs it is bound to be disastrous – Charlie barks at animals on the TV and once almost had a seizure barking at a bobble headed doll of a baseball player….

Gizmo the destroyer was once locked into the guest bath for a short time and by the time I figured it out she had shredded an entire roll of toilet paper along the plastic holder it was in – it looked like a white dove had combusted in there.

Not to mention my family would likely think I had finally gone off the deep end and have me committed….

Mouse Magician

Then I stumbled upon this amazing site Amanda’s Autopsies and discovered her Mouse Magician pulling another tiny mouse out of his hat!!!!! So completely awesome I can’t describe it. (By the way all the critters she uses are roadkill – she is not out there on a mad animal serial killing spree) Unfortunately he is already sold but the Mad Hatter is kinda calling my name….

Must resist or the dogs will shred him – or maybe I could bring him to the office??? That would probably not do much for my professional image ….

Alternatively I can just get one of these awesome twitter necklaces and maintain the illusion of sanity for a little longer. Everyone already knows I am a geeky girl.

Cool necklaces from Blend Creations



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