A not so traditional Valentine’s Day…..

Gizmo is not that impressed with my gift - it is clearly not edible...

Over the years we have done the romantic dinners and flowers often, sparkly gifts, champagne, weekends away, spa time etc – all the “traditional” Valentine’s activities. When we were dating I used to find flowers on the doorstep or in the house for no reason at all  – Eric made all other guys look like deadbeats, I got so many flowers LOL

Last year we couldn’t be together for many of the special days on the calendar – in the middle of a relocation we lived on opposite coasts which meant we had to be flexible and enjoy whatever time we did have together, regardless of the date.


This year we talked about a nice dinner, but I ended up catching a wretched cold and have spent the last few days feeling like a sweaty, shivery puddle – not so romantic….

check out my tiny head!

So I am glad we managed to celebrate in our own way. Last weekend we went to Kennedy Space Center and did the VAB tour (Vehicle Assembly Building – where they built the space shuttles etc) and I bought my honey a year long pass – he is now a member of the Commander Club – with a fancy badge to prove it!  He is a lifelong space geek so I know how much he loved it.

We made stupid digital postcards of ourselves as spacemen and generally acted like big children >8)

Eric took me to an orchid show on Sunday at a garden club filled with old people, without a single complaint, and waited patiently till I found the “right” orchids to add to my collection. Then today, he got me the perfect potting bench for my growing obsession, which he expertly assembled despite the million pieces and sub-standard instructions.

I may be sneezing and feeling like crud but I still have the warm fuzzies – sometimes the gifts that matter most to eachother are off the beaten path.

So forget the chocolates! But not the dog treats….

Coco the Princess Puppy wants Valentine treats or she will pout...


3 thoughts on “A not so traditional Valentine’s Day…..

  1. That’s a story of true love. My husband went to a Wholesale fabric blow out sale and looked at bolts of fabric with me. I wanted to recover our couch. After two hours we left empty handed because I couldn’t decide. He never uttered one complaint. Flowers, chocolates romantic dinners are all lovely, but those moments of genuinely giving ourselves and our time really stand out.

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