Skull happiness…

Delicately Gruesome...

Not sure what it is about skulls lately – but I am noticing a pattern here. Months ago I backed a project on Kickstarter that turned out to be one of their most successful projects – it was #1 most funded Sculpture project ever & #3 in Arts overall – which must mean I have fantastically good taste 🙂 If you want to learn more check it out here – the artist Joshua Harker did a great job keeping everyone up to date on status and shipping  BTW – talented and reliable too!


I just couldn’t resist the tiny filigree skull – so beautiful and a little bit odd… Delicately gruesome! It arrived shortly before Christmas and I was so excited – It just makes me inexplicably happy. Today I got to add it to my office shelves next to my Crystal Head Vodka set. Not great vodka to be truthful (sorry Dan Ackroyd)  but I had to have the bottle and the teeny tiny skull shot glasses.

Crystal Head Vodka

I missed out last christmas when all the liquor stores sold out of the sets so I had to wait a full year for it to show up again and I was not to be denied this time so whipped out my money pronto and ran from the store cradling my prize.

Thankfully I have not been tempted to add any real skulls to my collection  –  just clean sparkly designer versions so the dogs are safe for the time being – at least till the next time one of them barfs on the rug


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