Twitter Anxiety

Twitter or Twit?

I admit I am very late to the Twitter party…which on the one hand is a little weird since I am usually an early adopter – but I made a conscious decision a long time ago to cut down on the number of online outlets – or potential addictions and just focus on one.

I was working at Microsoft at the time and surrounded by tech everyday and frankly was much more interested in unplugging rather than plugging in.  So I ceased using a bunch of random accounts and decided Facebook was it – I could share my photos with family and keep in touch easily – this was manageable.

But over the course of the past year I have ramped up my online presence quite a bit – partly due to an obsession with all sorts of apps  – I am a user interface design director so I can claim it is for my job LOL – and partly due to the cross country relocation we just completed. My husband and I spent a lot of time apart last year and checking in with him online, despite the time difference and conflicting schedules, became really important and also lets be honest I had more time on my hands to fill without him 😦

I started checking into shows I watched more often – posted about random thoughts on Facebook, played a lot of Zynga games…. Little by little I realized I had plenty of things to say or share and that I kinda enjoyed doing it.

Finally the house in Seattle sold and my husband and I are together again and I now have the best of both worlds  – I get to see my honey every day and having a co-parent again means I still have time to mess around with my online addictions 🙂

I started this blog which was something I had been considering off and on for a few years – I have had my own domain and website for probably close to 10 years but it was really just a portfolio – not something I updated with any real regularity.

Then my mom suddenly started using Facebook. She still lives in Ireland and has never had a computer in her life but has a friend who is computer literate and already on Facebook that she wanted me to “friend” so that my Mom could check out the family photos. Great – but it is a little weird to suddenly have my mom sending me messages on Facebook from her friend’s profile.

The fact that after she makes a comment, she feels the need to go in and comment again to let me know the original comment was from her and not her friend, is pretty funny.  After all this is the woman who called emails “faxes” for many years 🙂 But lets face it –  if my Mom is on Facebook then it is clearly not that cutting edge – it may, in fact, have jumped the shark completely!

Recently my good friend Christa and I started Anti Pink T’s and I had to set up another website and a Cafe Press store and suddenly we had a Twitter account and a Facebook page and people were asking if I was on Twitter….I sheepishly had to admit I was not.

Then, on top of that, our 17 year old invited me to follow him on Twitter and I decided I should really get on this train once and for all or be forced to admit I was falling behind the times…. Next thing you know I will be buying a damn Snuggie and handing out Werther’s candy to small children! So not ready for that…

So I took the plunge and got a twitter account a couple days ago and I will confess I am a little intimidated. Do I really have anything that fascinating to say? Will anyone care?

Then there is the odd sensation of being closer to the celebs you can choose to follow – I can read the casual comments they make throughout the day in the same way I can with my actual friends.

It is a little bizarre. I can tweet them but is that being overly familiar with someone I don’t really know? Does it make me a stalker or a fanboy to want to tell an author or comedian how much I enjoy their work? But then isn’t that the reason they are on Twitter in the first place – to communicate with fans? But you really don’t want to send mundane messages to someone who gets a million tweets from strangers every day – so again with the pressure to be different, amusing, interesting… this could be worse than high school!

So I guess I am taking it slowly….I need to figure out the twitter etiquette and then we will see if I can truly be six degrees apart and loving it – or not….


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