Be nice to “Aliens”

Classic Cars

Now that the hot weather has broken, Floridians are suddenly making up for all the time they spent hiding indoors in the AC – we are falling over festivals and fairs everywhere we look in fall. This Saturday we wandered around the local arts & crafts festival in our neighborhood, which though small, is surprisingly filled with interesting vendors and artists.

My guys enjoyed checking out the classic cars which made up for the for the fact that they had to trudge around looking and art and jewelry with me…. They also had Bloody Marys on sale which further improved my mood, although not enough to incite me to buy  any of the overpriced items…

The only problem with this particular fair is the sheer number of product vendors that you have to get past before you get to the interesting stuff – you know what I am talking about right? Buy a lifetime subscription to the paper and get a free pen, double glazing quotes, solar panels for your doghouse and this stylish plastic bag is yours for the taking!

Tempting as all that may be I am pretty good about not making eye contact or accepting any pieces of paper they try to pass me – nicely, but firmly striding past – on a mission to see the bedazzled sun catchers crafted from spoons and glass beads, alongside the quirky dog sculptures made from rusty bits of iron and googly eyes.

My sweet husband is not quite as skilled at this and usually ends up with a handful of pamphlets. Which in this case I am indebted to him or I might had missed this little gem  – The Avatar Compassion Project?

Avatar Compassion?

This tie-dyed booth filled with earth mother types and new age music is exactly the sort of thing that I practically run past for fear of being dragged into a never ending conversation about my spiritual beliefs and ultimately being forced to join a cult and drink Kool Aid – Hey, it could happen!

While Eric was sprinting to keep up with me, one persistent earth mother managed to get a flyer into his hand proclaiming it was “Compassion on the go” Once we reached a safe distance we laughed about it being a new Navi religion or something and stuck it in a pocket forgetting about it till much later that evening….

On further examination and perhaps under the influence of a cocktail,  this pamphlet urged us to focus on other people and understand that they too were learning about themselves and trying to find meaning in their lives etc etc – All in all pretty much exactly what I expected although there was sadly no mention of kool aid… but that was likely just a ploy to lure me in and give me a false sense of security. I am sure if I showed up to a meeting they would urge me to give away all my worldly goods and start living in a yurt in the desert!

May be used on other life forms...

Just before I dropped it in the recycle pile I noticed that right at the end they suggest that these techniques could also be used on “Other Life Forms”


This made my evening – I now have an instruction manual on being more compassionate to aliens.

Now I am all for people being nicer and more compassionate towards one another – the world would be a better place if we treated everyone with kindness and respect – but this just tickled my funny bone.

As it turns out the Avatar project was invented by some guy in Florida, very close to where we now live, back in 2009 – because “Earth is the only spaceship we get” I didn’t make that up – I read it on their website >8)

Does this mean James Cameron stole his movie concept from a cult? Inquiring minds want to know…


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