I’m on a plane!

I still get a kick out of in flight wifi… I am flying to the west coast on a long and bumpy flight but through the power of technology I can still surf the net, do email, check out Facebook, buy stuff I don’t need on Amazon and instant message with with friends. All at 35,000 feet above Colorado

Gotta love it

Why then can I not get some snacks or drinks with less effort??? Virgin is voted a top airline, but my seat is really cramped and the food & drink ordering system in the headrest just keeps telling me to try later…

Not sure if technology has failed me or if this is just some flight attendant conspiracy – either way the fizzy beverages are not flowing and “I haz a sad.”

This business trip is a full five days so I am hoping not to come home to a scene from Lord of the Flies – last time I was away my guys were reduced to savages by all the unchecked testosterone – with no woman in the house there was much belching and general loss of civilized behavior – and I was only gone two days.

My expectations are not that high – I am just hoping they resist the urge to turn the tikki torches by the pool and some furniture polish into flamethowers and that none of the dogs get shaved while I am gone….

Too much to hope for?

2 thoughts on “I’m on a plane!

    • Hi Marie!
      Chances of them reading it are pretty slim – too busy doing stuff I probably don’t want to know about – LOL
      Besides I don’t even have to make this stuff up!!! Only last week I witnessed the tikki torch flamethower myself (admittedly it was pretty damn cool – just don’t tell them that) and Eric has mentioned shaving Gizmo for Halloween multiple times…..

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