Coming Soon – Anti Pink T’s

I will have to say that growing up – my parents never told me that I couldn’t or shouldn’t do something because I was a girl  – they never told me I couldn’t make mud pies, build a fort or climb trees – they never told me not to try skateboarding or start a paper route…..consequently I pretty much thought I could be or do anything I put my mind to.

Despite being a pretty girly girl to this day – I love shoes and am very particular to shopping and dresses – I also am proficient with a multitude of power tools and have been successful in male dominant professions my whole adult life. I will never forget hearing my then 12 year old son, tell one of his friends proudly that his Mom wasn’t “some girly soccer mom because she uses a circular saw” LOL

However I remember  in Grammar school, the (male) career counselor ignored my desire to work in some sort of creative design field – he told me instead to consider a job in nursing or as a schoolteacher. Both important jobs of course, but not what I wanted to do and his beleif that I should stick to the traditionally female career paths made me want to punch him right in the face.

Then, when I got my first job as a graphic designer, a guy in a bar tried chatting me up – asking what I did for a living – when I told him I was a designer he laughed and said “No really – what do you actually do?” Unsurprisingly he did not get my number….

I have never let people like that hold me back – but times are changing and while many advances have been made, I am still occasionally floored by what happens out there in the world – growing up a girl is getting harder and harder.  I am so happy I have boys, so I don’t have to worry about all the awesome being sucked out of a daughter by the time she is 10 years old. Between push up bikinis for 7 year olds and completely inane T-shirts like the “I’m too pretty for homework” travesty – I can’t imagine raising daughters today.

My dear friend has two daughters and recently blogged about just that – I only half jokingly said we needed to create a line of clothing for girls that didn’t limit their dreams or stereotype them based on their gender. All kids deserve to march to their own beat and have their own theme song!

So we have decided to do just that and while we aren’t ready for prime time just yet, we are working on our launch.

Anti Pink T’s  because pink is a choice, not a limitation!

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