The “interwebs” were clearly made for cat photos

So this weekend, together with friends, we decided to take a quick day trip to St Augustine which is the oldest town in the US and not far from where we live. However instead of regaling you with tales and photos of this historic and beautiful place I am going to tell you about Cat Paint…..

If you know us well, you will know that we are a pretty techy family and all of us should be in 12 step programs to help us with our app addiction. It is probably no surprise to know that most of our friends are complete enablers when it comes to this –  so while enjoying a lovely lunch in historic St Augustine, friends of ours alerted my 14 year old to a “can’t live without it” app for iPhone called “Cat Paint” Thanks Raina – I really owe you for that one LOL

This awesome use of technology allows you to add images of cats on top of photos you have taken, complete with laser beams coming out of their eyes should you be so inclined. Of course this completely consumed the rest of the day…. Instead of marveling at the historic reenactment of Spanish soldiers shooting off cannons form the top of the fort, my 14 year old and I spent the day “bumping” photos back and forth so he could plaster them with cats and entertain us all with his comedic artistry.

Spanish soldier bayonetting cat....

Cat Cannon

Bump is another app that is probably really useful for exchanging important info like business cards and contacts however my teenager and I use if for sharing photos and stupid videos – which is a clearly a subversion of its intended purpose but so much more fun…

Yes we could probably email the photos to one another, but it is much more satisfying to use the good old Hezzbollah fist bump. Besides technology is full of such subversions (not just referring to porn here, so get your mind out of the gutter…) Think about it –  I am sure that when the internet was invented people expected this would change the way the world connects, but I really doubt they expected it’s main focus to be the sharing of funny cat photos.

Kittness Protection Program

We ended the day at a lovely outdoor restaurant where Raina’s husband Matt ordered a seriously girly cocktail that the waitress was kind enough to add a pink umbrella too –  thus magnifying the manly effect. Clearly his identity needed to be protected – so thanks to Cat Paint we entered him into the Kittness Protection Program. Technology to the rescue again!

Matt, Raina – you are most welcome!


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